Custom Designed Guatemalan Textiles Made for Buyers

Natural Dyed ShawlBuyers across the world often want a special look for their products, and artisans in Guatemala have crafted custom textiles for sale internationally. Guatemalan hand-made textile products can be designed and produced according to your color choices, using natural and environmentally safe dyes.

If you are a buyer looking for a unique shawl to showcase in your retail store, I can custom-design one or reproduce one similar to your specification. Perhaps you are a buyer who is featuring home décor for the kitchen, and would like a set of table runners with matching placemats – just let me know what you would like to sell, and I can design and produce it using hand weaving techniques with either the foot loom or hand loom.

Indigo is my studio, where I design textiles for buyers across the world. If you are ready to start your own special project and feature it in your store, please consider letting me help you make your custom textile, using natural dyes and quality weaving.

Natural Dye Workshop was a Fun Time!

Olga recently presented information at her hands-on Natural Dyes Workshop at her studio. Here are some photos of the dyes created, along with the people learning and having fun.

Natural Dyes Workshop

Announcing the Natural Dyes Workshop

Making Natural Dye for Textile Weaving

Trabajando Manos a la obra- Working hands on

Natural Dye powder from Cochineal

Machacando cochinilla- Grinding Cochineal by hand

Investigating at Natural Dye Color Workshop

Investigando- Investigating!

Having Fun during the Natural Dye Workshop

Having Fun during the Natural Dye Workshop

Natural Dye Colors from plants

Colors Obtained from the plantas, barks, and Cohinea

Beautiful Colors made with Natural Dyes

Que Color! Beautiful Colors made with Natural Dyes

Watch here for more information about Olga’s upcoming workshops about natural dyeing and using all-natural products in custom textiles!

Olga Featured in Article About Tradition of Weaving

Olga was recently featured in an article about the Tradition of Weaving, and you can click the link at the bottom if you’d like to read the article at the original location.

Spanish news link Tradition of Weaving

Click Here to Read the Full Article

Olga Presents Workshop at International Symposium

mushrooms for natural dyeing
Natural Dyes with Mushrooms
Natural Fiber Dyeing
Dyeing Mushroom Symposium

During October, Olga Reiche attended the 15th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium in Jaca, Spain, where people from around the world gathered to learn about mushrooms, dyeing with them, and the color variations of the different fungi.

There were 72 people from different countries attending the Symposium: Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Scotland, England, Canada, Ireland, Holland, France, Germany, USA. The October 7-14 event coincided with the “V International Congress of Pyrenees Mycologists”.

Eight different workshops were on the schedule, and Olga presented a workshop entitled “Mushroom Dyeing with Cotton, Linen, and Hemp.” There were nine different colors that were obtained from the mushrooms.

Natural dyes made from mushrooms can vary in color, depending on the type of mushroom and the growing conditions throughout the season. Expert Spanish mycologists guided symposium attendees during scheduled excursions throughout the Pyrenees valleys to look for mushrooms.

There were three technical aspects covered during the symposium:

  • A presentation of “The Chromatic Range of Dye-Producing Fungi”, which included information and experiences from diverse authors.
  • Conferences and activities covering the auto-production of coloring fungi, and
  • A proposal for the unification of the diverse names and synonyms used to define the species of fungi utilized in the dying process.

Every two years since the First International Mushroom Dye Exhibit in 1980, textile and fiber artists have gathered from all over the world to exhibit their mushroom dyed works of fiber art, exchange new ideas and teach workshops in dyes, paper-making and pigments made from fungi. These exhibits and symposia came to be known as the International Fungi and Fibre Symposia and are hosted by different groups of textile artists around the world, under the sponsorship of the International Fungi & Fibre Federation (IFFF).

Watch here for more information about Olga’s upcoming workshops about natural dyeing and using all-natural products in custom textiles!


Custom Colors and Fibers the Focus of Workshop

Olga will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain this October for a symposium of Mushrooms: Colors and Fibers. The weeks workshop will take place in different studios on the Spanish mountainside around the town of Joca.

By demand, Olga has been also asked to have a workshop on Guatemalan Natural Dyes. This symposium will focus on the historical wisdom of color and fiber.



Santa Fe Festival 2012

Santa Fe is a Market with Global Opportunities

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market is the largest market of its kind that provides an opportunity for folk artists and custom designers from around the world to feature their beautiful products, showcase their unique techniques, and sell through international marketing opportunities.

Santa Fe Market WeaversOlga will be taking representatives from local Guatemalan women’s cooperatives to the festival this year, July 13-15, 2012, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been mentoring cooperatives so that they can display, demonstrate, and sell their work. Many women see this as an opportunity to support their families. Selling products internationally also allows these women to help their children and grandchildren further their education.

Local weavers are preparing now for the activities at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market in July. A lot of planning and preparation goes into such a large event, from cultivating the materials, designing and planning the textiles, and preparing hand-woven products and other artistic designs to show at the Market. Watch for more updates, as the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market gets closer!



Indigenous Cooperatives Grow to Success

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives. Olga has worked with indigenous cooperatives for many years, helping them grow and develop to meet their daily economic challenges.

More than 30 years ago, Olga helped organize grass-roots projects and cooperatives throughout Guatemala, helping them become self-sufficient with a marketable trade and quality products that they could sell. Because of her skills in textiles and custom design work, she helped hundreds of women learn business and marketing skills, as well as how to perfect their artistic talents in a trade that they love.

Even today, Olga travels to visit and help many indigenous cooperatives, taking a personal interest in their success. We can feature more about these cooperatives as our blog grows, so come back often to learn more!



Shown here is Amalia Gue, from Alta Verapaz,
who was very successful at last year’s
Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.