Natural Dyed ShawlBuyers across the world often want a special look for their products, and artisans in Guatemala have crafted custom textiles for sale internationally. Guatemalan hand-made textile products can be designed and produced according to your color choices, using natural and environmentally safe dyes.

If you are a buyer looking for a unique shawl to showcase in your retail store, I can custom-design one or reproduce one similar to your specification. Perhaps you are a buyer who is featuring home décor for the kitchen, and would like a set of table runners with matching placemats – just let me know what you would like to sell, and I can design and produce it using hand weaving techniques with either the foot loom or hand loom.

Indigo is my studio, where I design textiles for buyers across the world. If you are ready to start your own special project and feature it in your store, please consider letting me help you make your custom textile, using natural dyes and quality weaving.