Hand Weaving

Hand Weaving is the Art of Generations

hand weaving

Backstrap loom weavers of Alta Verapaz working and talking about their weavings
for the upcoming Sante Fe International Folk Art Market.

handweavers resizedTraditions Continue

Women throughout Guatemala continue the Mayan tradition of hand weaving products in order to support their families.

Young girls learn how to hand weave from their mothers, and weaving designs are passed on through families, becoming familiar sites within their communities.

By forming cooperatives of weavers, Olga has helped grow the hand weaving profitability for them through local markets as well as through international exposure.

Blending her knowledge of the traditional, ancient designs along with modern design requests, Olga is able to provide a unique expertise for the weavers to offer new hand woven products to any type of request.

Developing designs created with the traditional and new weaving patterns, hand weaving continues to be a major industry for many women in Guatemala.

Backstrap weavers here are listening and combing out the ends of their shawl weaving.


Here are some of the ladies from Sololá, who are skilled at hand weaving techniques.