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During October, Olga Reiche attended the 15th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium in Jaca, Spain, where people from around the world gathered to learn about mushrooms, dyeing with them, and the color variations of the different fungi.

There were 72 people from different countries attending the Symposium: Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Scotland, England, Canada, Ireland, Holland, France, Germany, USA. The October 7-14 event coincided with the “V International Congress of Pyrenees Mycologists”.

Eight different workshops were on the schedule, and Olga presented a workshop entitled “Mushroom Dyeing with Cotton, Linen, and Hemp.” There were nine different colors that were obtained from the mushrooms.

Natural dyes made from mushrooms can vary in color, depending on the type of mushroom and the growing conditions throughout the season. Expert Spanish mycologists guided symposium attendees during scheduled excursions throughout the Pyrenees valleys to look for mushrooms.

There were three technical aspects covered during the symposium:

  • A presentation of “The Chromatic Range of Dye-Producing Fungi”, which included information and experiences from diverse authors.
  • Conferences and activities covering the auto-production of coloring fungi, and
  • A proposal for the unification of the diverse names and synonyms used to define the species of fungi utilized in the dying process.

Every two years since the First International Mushroom Dye Exhibit in 1980, textile and fiber artists have gathered from all over the world to exhibit their mushroom dyed works of fiber art, exchange new ideas and teach workshops in dyes, paper-making and pigments made from fungi. These exhibits and symposia came to be known as the International Fungi and Fibre Symposia and are hosted by different groups of textile artists around the world, under the sponsorship of the International Fungi & Fibre Federation (IFFF).

Watch here for more information about Olga’s upcoming workshops about natural dyeing and using all-natural products in custom textiles!


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