Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes Have Been Used for Centuries

The art of dyeing fabric with natural plant dyes found in their natural setting is a unique endeavor and technically challenging. 

“To master this kind of dyeing, I’ve had to practice, experiment,
research and learn from many, many mistakes!”

Indigo Seeds for Natural Dye

Indigo Natural Dye

The yellow Indigo seeds become this beautiful, blue color that attracts us all.

Ladies Making Natural DyeIndigo Design Studio Features
Colorful Natural Dyes

Spending years learning about the trees, plants, and insects, Olga has traveled throughout the jungles, highlands and lowlands of Guatemala and the Americas.

She has worked with dyers in many ethnic groups. She has learned the old techniques and has experimented with the new to bring a wonderful color palette to our eyes.

The ladies in this cooperative of weavers are using Annato for dyeing.


Even Cochinilla insects become a beautiful red color when processed as a natural dye.